Bergamo International Garden Design Conference

The annual gathering of International Garden Designers in Bergamo Italy was a delight, the old town taken over by a gaggle of designers buzzing with inspiration!

The main square was taken over and re-designed by Peter Fink, with the aim to ‘renew the relationship between art and landscape design’, the bold pink colours caused a stir from locals but were loved and enjoyed by all. The design drew you in and encouraged you to interact, play and enjoy the space.

Latest find….

Tord Boontje, Shadowy Chair.

This hand woven chair is perfect for adding character to special reading spot in a garden.

Inspired by beach furniture from the 1920’s and available in several colours,

I can’t wait to incorporate one to a client’s garden!

Urban Stool Design – Showcasing concrete’s versatility

A Sunday morning stroll in Shoreditch brings all sorts of delights! These stools are made from concrete and can be decorated with jewels and mosaics to create patterns, the ideas are flowing for future stool design! The options could be endless with combining wood and metal an urban design treat.