Front garden, SW18

june - CopiaIMG_8338 - Copia

The brief was to create a space where the client could sit in the evening sun and enjoy a glass of wine. The old front garden had concrete paving and tufted scrappy grass, they wanted an entrance they could be proud of.

We designed a space that felt like you were being transported away from the grey of London. Utilising an existing huge Choisya bush, we pruned it into a tree and used this as a focal point, designing the shape of the garden around it. Soft curves create a relaxing feel and Cotswold gravel, is warm and inviting.

Three larger black planters provide formality as you go into the house and a wooden bench somewhere to sit and enjoy the evening sun.

The planting is prairie style with bright reds and purples and yellows against a backdrop of evergreen grasses, with seasonal bulbs.


Spring tulips  change the mood ready for the fun and dazzle of summer   Abis Garden-5741Abis Garden-5703 - Copia


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