Chelsea Roof Terrace, SW4

IMG_8588IMG_8587 - CopiaA 50ft roof terrace in the heart of Chelsea, furnishedwith luxury furniture, but rarely used. This space had no soul and no green, our brief was to invigorate the space and to create a garden.

We began by zoning the large expanse of terrace, an eating area, a lounge area and a reclining area.To improve privacy and encourage the feel of a walled garden, we edged two sides of the terrace with Trachelospermum jasminoides panels, leaving the front view to the Thames.

Against the green structure of fragrant panels and clipped boxes, we designed a contemporary English garden, with rambling ‘Claire Austin’ roses trained up the apartment walls and soft billowing perennials, even a small cherry to add height.

A noble cloud pruned Ilex crenata is majestic as a centre-piece in a bespoke planter and other sculptural pots from Belgium stand proud, as art in their own right.

This terrace no longer feels hard and unloved but is somewhere to enjoy and watch the seasons change.

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