A romantic terrace



The client’s terrace was crumbling, it was unusable triangular shape and needed to be replaced. They wanted to keep the arts and crafts feel of the garden, including re-using an antique marble balustrade from an old Italian chapel.

We increased the depth of the terrace, creating more space for dining and the original balaustrade was adapted to fit the new shape. In addition, it was extended to the right, allowing space to put an outdoor sofa, so Mum could watch the children playing in the garden. New sweeping steps in york stone, are flanked either side with raised beds for planting.

The herbaceous planting is soft and romantic in creams and purples, accompanied by soft grasses, which move gently in the wind. Structural Buxus cones add formality to the scheme.

Soft lighting makes it perfect for evening entertaining. 



IMG_6684 - CopiaIMG_8059

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 17.59.38








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